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SMARTECH in a Nutshell:

Why do we exist in the world?

SMARTECH is a multinational SME, has been established at 2011 in Malaysia, then expanded to Egypt. Consists of 3 teams of: technology skillful, content makers, and marketing pioneers, who get together in willing to combine their experiences to produce smart and unique tech products for Internet and mobile, which serve people of oriental languages and cultures.

Our Work:

Our digging area into the technological field.

we provide web and mobile solutions, however mini software that help our customers to publishing digital content or managing the core seed of products or projects they offer to their clients, users or visitors. Like: Smart Library, Smart Mushaf, or Smart Add-ons.

Beside presenting services that crystallizes your ideas or products to public. including: web and mobile development (Developing websites, platforms, web tools, mobile apps, add-ons software), content management and development (Books Library Management, Content Creation, Writing and Translation…), graphic design including motion graphics (Branding and Co-Identity Design, Infographics, Motion G. Videos…), plus all digital marketing services (SEO, Social Media Management and Marketing, Digital Ads Management… ets).

Our Departments:

Teamwork and Commitment are gathered here.


Programming and Product Development

Content Management and Development

Graphics and Motion Video Design

Marketing and Business Development



Proud of working with Amazing Partners and Clients!

As you know know, we mainly target the projects for eastern people, like who speak and have oriental cultural background. Ex.: Arab, Hindi, Malaysian, Muslim communities, so on.

We work with various groups of organization, institutions and companies (however individuals as well) from different countries around the world. Our professional work is based on B2B and B2C.

SMARTECH is open for unique and valuable ideas, specially which serve spreading good values over the world.