Ibn-Mahmoud Smart Books Library


“IbnMahmoud Library” is a web and mobile (on Google Play and Apple Store) based E-Library for Islamic books in Arabic and English, where you have access to one of the widest books collection in text and PDF formats for free.

The library of Sheikh ‘Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud al-Sharif “, head of the Islamic courts and religious affairs at the State of Qatar, a well-known Faqeeh in the Arabian Peninsula who issued fatwas include palliser to people during his age (like Fatwas of pilgrimage, divorce, insurance, etc.). He studied under number of leading Ulamaa’ Shari’a in Najd, Qatar and Al-Hijaz and served at the head of the judiciary in Qatar (since 1359 H – 1940 AD).
Sheikh Mahmoud was an orator who combined wisdom and jurisprudence in his speeches in Quran interpretation and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and a man of letters who had rhetorical ability with memorizing poetry. He died in the city of Doha and was buried in Ramadan 1417 H corresponding to February 1997 AD.
You will enjoy the following features by using the app:

  • Ease of use, with an elegant and attractive design (Book shelves or Tabular).
  • Searching for any book using book title, author or translator.
  • Searching the content of the books.
  • Download and store the books in your device (mobile & tablets) in text and PDF formats.
  • Reading books while turning pages like real books, with curl page animation effect.
  • Ability to highlight the text, and adding notes to the downloaded books.
  • Adding bookmarks, to continue reading where you left the book.
  • Sharing abstract of the book or any highlighted parts of its content with your friends through Whatsapp, Email, SMS and Social Media Channels.

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