Smartech-Smart Library | Smartech IT Solutions

“An E-Publisher platform that allows publishers to provide publications (books, papers or magazines) to their readers everywhere on different web and mobile devices. It has most advanced techniques to sort and navigate through books, that run on different operating systems of Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets, and includes the following features (which are not all properties):

  • Searching the text in one book, or all books content within text or PDF files.
  • Ease of use, with an elegant and attractive design (Book shelves or Tabular).
  • Showing books index.
  • Download and store the books in your device (mobile & tablets) in text and PDF formats.
  • Reading books while turning pages like real books, with curl page animation effect.
  • Adding bookmarks, to continue reading where you left the book.
  • Shading parts of text in different colors, and adding notes.
  • Sharing abstract or any highlighted part of book with your friends through Whatsapp, Email, SMS and many social media channels.

You can request a copy for your library with the needed features to be added or edited. Read further details, here: